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The College Cash Campaign Affordability Tracker provides accessible data for schools to better understand their current Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) completion landscape. The goal of the College Cash Campaign is to increase Michigan’s FAFSA completion rate to 75%. Through the Affordability Tracker tool, all College Cash Campaign sites will have access to an individual school profile displaying current FAFSA completion data, trends over time, and a comparison to previous FAFSA completion cycles. The Tracker is a great tool for school counselors to track their school’s progress and to easily highlight the successes. The FAFSA data displayed on the tracker is provided by Federal Student Aid.

Michigan Class of 2022 has completed 58,667 FAFSA Applications as of 07/29/22*

The FAFSA completion rate is 49% compared to 49.8% at this same time last year.

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