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In early December 2019, Governor Whitmer challenged all Michigan high schools to set a bold FAFSA completion goal, select a FAFSA champion, and systematically track data on FAFSA completions. High schools accepting the challenge should sign up for the College Cash Campaign which will provide the resources necessary to support these high schools working to prioritize FAFSA completion. The goal of the College Cash Campaign is to increase Michigan’s FAFSA completion rate to 75%. This effort to increase Michigan’s FAFSA completion rates is done in partner with:

Detroit Regional Chamber
Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity
Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP)
Michigan Department of Education (MDE)
Student Scholarships and Grants

Michigan Results Class of 2020 has submitted 56,568 FAFSA Applications as of 07/01/20*

The FAFSA completion rate is 51.9% compared to 52.5% at this same time last year.

* FAFSA Source Data: Michigan Department of Treasury/Student Scholarships and Grants (SSG)

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